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Assistant job in the UK

You can find an organised and efficient assistant behind every manager or specialist. Assistants provide support, solving particular tasks their managers don't have time to do. This work is an essential part of the whole company's performance. Managers and other professionals rely on their assistants,...

software developer

Software engineering in the UK

Modern technologies have developed and changed our life in all spheres, from society to economics. With all their aspects, such as production, advertising, research and development, and many others, business methods have also been changed and put on a higher level. Hardware and software technologies...

driver job

Driver: now the most popular job in the UK

The developed UK economy now consists of many fields, from manufacturing sectors to service sectors. All the numerous industries are represented by lots of companies and organizations of various levels and constitutions. This requires developed and qualitative logistics for transporting anything to anywhere, which makes...


Accountant jobs in the UK

The essential dimension has become very demanded and popular, as the accountant position is an excellent job for any economist. Moreover, this specialization is now taught in most universities or colleges, except some highly specialized ones, which makes this field one of the most popular...

work in the uk

How to find a job in the UK?

Britain, with the other parts of the kingdom, is one of the biggest countries in Europe. Of course, the UK economy and other fields are one of the best in Europe either. Many people move to the UK to find a job, seeking higher living...

health office

How to stay healthy at work

Most of the occupational diseases of office workers are associated with inactivity, continued use of the computer, and various stress factors. These factors can cause several diseases, and it isn't easy to describe them all within the frame of one article. Therefore we will limit...