Money, career and favourite job: why are they not the same? advice Career Developmnet Money, career and favourite job: why are they not the same?

Money, career and favourite job: why are they not the same?

A successful career doesn’t mean big money

We have a distorted view of a beautiful career. Of course, not everyone will become successful businessmen. At best, 0.5%. Such cases are bright deviations against the background of the majority. This scheme always remains unchanged.

On the other hand, having three children is also a career. If a woman is happy – of course! I would call a career the ability to find oneself in this life in general. And it doesn’t matter if you are engaged in children, your business, remote work via Skype, the main thing is that you are happy in this business. In our country, the story is socially desirable when you work for a corporation, become its slave, and make a director’s career there. Perhaps this is good if the person is happy about it. And if he is unhappy – is it a career or not?

But in fact, a career is when you do what you love, and do it exceptionally well. And how much you get paid is a question that depends on different circumstances. And not everyone needs status. Some positions are not well paid, but at the same time, you can be a great professional.

Parents should help in career guidance

Career guidance tasks should be solved primarily in the family: parents help their child to understand himself, what he likes and what he is interested in, and this helps to identify the child’s propensities for a particular type of activity. Parents who enjoy what they do is also a source for career guidance for a child. But in the frantic pace of our life, parents are too busy, and nannies, most likely, do not notice such things, so everything goes to the fact that the grown child is not ready to choose his path. So far, the school does not give anything either, because there are no vocational guidance disciplines. Now schools focused on the assimilation of knowledge, not on the disclosure of the child’s talents and characteristics. The environment turns out to be unable to help him. As a result, the child wants to either just make money, as it is “cool”, or choose professions familiar to him from the environment (they can be learned from TV programs, or online). This is why politics, marketing and advertising are such popular professions among the younger generation.

Making money is a skill

Making money is a skill. It is multi-playable. If a person has learned how to make money in one area, it is very likely that he will be able to do the same in any other. You just need to be patient to accelerate to the same level. It is only a matter of time, and many cases of our clients confirm this. Here, some say: “The crisis has come, I have to close my business and go somewhere as an employee.” What for? Expand your brain in a different way, come up with a different business and do it. People don’t know about it. The second situation is related to the family. This is a psychological topic that goes beyond career counselling. The world is balanced. This means that wherever it diminishes, it will arrive there. This has been proven in many examples. If the wife does not earn, the husband will earn. This is the law of balance. If a woman does not nag, does not criticize, does not blame her husband, but inspires him, he will gradually be able to reach a completely different level of income. There are certainly exceptions. But in most cases, the law of equilibrium works.

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