7 Straightforward Signs That You Didn’t Get The Job

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7 Straightforward Signs That You Didn’t Get The Job

One of the most common mistakes a job applicant can make is to persistently and endlessly wait for a job opportunity that’s bound to go nowhere.

Here are seven of the most undeniable signs that you’re not getting the job:

The Interview Was Abruptly Cut Short

Quite unlike a delightful conversation that has gone on far too long by a happy chance, if your interview suddenly ends, it is likely you didn’t get the job.

So, in case you were scheduled for an hour-long interview that concluded after 30 minutes, the recruiters were probably just going through the motions and passing the time before their more important meeting. Not a good sign! If the interview was brought to an unexpected end too soon, the recruiters were not especially impressed with the answers you provided, and they believed they had seen enough to determine that you were not the right match.

They Didn’t Contact You or Respond To Your Follow-Up Email

After the interview, if they do not contact you regarding the next steps to follow, it is highly likely they didn’t just forget about it. What it usually means is that you’re not getting the job.

Moreover, when you contact them via a simple follow-up email to thank the recruiters for their time, and they do not answer, unfortunately, it is a negative sign.

If HR is interested in hiring you, they’ll make it pretty clear. Thus, in case you think you’re receiving mixed signals or that they are being indecisive, it’s likely a no. Because in the end, they are looking for candidates as much as you are looking for a job — neither of you would miss any opportunity you really liked!

They Are Still Accepting Applications

One of the most obvious hints that you are not getting the job after an interview is when they tell you that their department is still considering other applications or candidates.

To be blunt, it means that they haven’t yet found an applicant that suits their needs. By that, they are basically telling you that they were not excited enough with your performance to take the plunge and grant you the invitation.

While they may not have ruled out your application entirely, odds are high that your interview or CV may not have shown them the right match they were seeking.

The Interviewer Didn’t Market The Position To You

After interviewing you and ascertaining your qualities, it’s typical for an interviewer to give the conversation a new course and talk about the company and the position that you will fill. Interested recruiters may also give you a tour of the premises and the office.

So, if you were not provided with details of your position duties and informed of the merits of being a part of their firm, they may not be planning to give you the job offer.

All in all, if it was just you who endeavored to earn their liking and they didn’t reciprocate, you probably didn’t make it.

They Left You Hanging About The Next Steps Of The Hiring Process

At the end of the interview, did they precisely tell you the next steps to follow, or who would contact you to appoint the next meeting? If not, the chances are big that there won’t be one, unfortunately.

If the interview ended with a formal “thanks for your time,” or the obligatory “someone will be in touch soon,” just move on and prepare for the next interview.

The Interviewer Seemed Uninterested In You

On the whole, did your interviewer look uninvolved in the process? Or did they seem fairly interested in you as a potential candidate? 

Sometimes, you may get the feeling that the recruiter you are talking to simply can’t care less about what you have to say. They may look down at their paperwork, stare at the clock while you talk, or just glaze over completely. Some or all of these could indicate that you likely won’t get the job.

The Interview Questions Were Easy And Unspecific

As a general rule, interviews are designed with questions that allow an HR manager to estimate your skills and interest relevant to a specific job. If the questions are too simple, relaxed, and loose, it may mean that the interviewer has already made the decision and is putting up with formalities.

In addition, an interview normally provides you with important information about your potential position, so you can decide if it fits you. This may include salary, perks, or work hours. If these topics never came up while you were being interviewed, they may already have chosen someone else or rejected the idea of hiring you.

Everything Considered…

After an interview, your sole focus should be on one thing, and one thing alone — getting scheduled for some other interview and acing at it!

Every failure at a job interview is an opportunity to learn and improve. Better yourself with each experience, and soon you will have the job of your dreams!

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