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Examples of Hobbies and Interests to Put on a CV

You already have limited room on your CV. Therefore, as a general rule, your CV should only include your merits, strong suits, and overall selling points. If you are going to add hobbies and interests to your resume, you should know which ones to include — because...

How to add skills on your CV

Possessing all the skills in the world won't land you a job if the recruiters don't know you have them. Employers can only find out how able you are if you successfully highlight your skills in your CV. How? By adding them to the resume...

school work

How to Take Advantage of Online Courses: Tips from an Expert

Today, the demand for online education, including continuing education and professional retraining courses, is growing steadily. According to EdMarket forecasts, the size of the online education market is growing by 15-20% annually, and competition in each niche is intensifying. The study's authors predict that by...


10 Steps to Better Relationships at Work

Nobody wants to be a black sheep in a team. People are social creatures: we need communication, including work, where we spend a significant part of the time. Stretched relationships at work can lead to many problems, like constant stress, emotional overloading, and as a...

finance jobs

Finance jobs in the UK

The modern economy is a sophisticated system of numerous levels. Any company, profit or non-profit, needs to plan the distribution of cash flows and therefore requires a financial specialist....

how to write a cv

10 hacks how to build ideal CV in 2021 

No matter if you are a freelancer, or a full-time job seeker, first impressions always count. Especially if the competition on the announced vacancy is high, to stand out from the crowd you need something special, you need a winning CV. ...

business analyst

Business analyst job in the UK

Modern technologies and the common world's development have changed today's economy in general and business in particular. New trends, various models, and systems appeared because of new technologies, software, and hardware. Now, these technologies are required to operate business processes. Many new professions within economics...