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When you’re applying for a job opening or a vacancy at an organization, the recruiters require you to fill out a CV and submit it as part of the application process. Alongside a CV, many companies require that you send them a cover letter that explains why you’re qualified for the position.

Even though a cover letter may be optional for some job openings, it is usually recommended to include one in any job application you submit. So, what exactly a cover letter is? And why is it not only advised but also significantly crucial to send one with your CV?

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What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a concise, one-page document addressed to the recruiter or interviewer. It must include your contact information, the position you are applying for, and further detail about the information in your Curriculum Vitae.

The overall purpose of your cover letter should be to highlight your interest in the applied position and elaborate on your skills and experiences. This helps present you as the best-suited candidate for the role.

Within the cover letter, you should mention applicable skills, your qualifications, and previous work experiences relevant to the job description to emphasize that not only are you capable of handling the position but also that you have done your research into the role. This helps make you seem enthusiastic about joining the organization.

Thus, unquestionably, a good cover letter increases your odds of being called for an interview. We’ll cover this in detail next.

How Important a Cover Letter is When Applying For Jobs?

A cover letter goes beyond a simple formality or courtesy — it is your shot at making a compelling statement. A multitude of research works suggests that recruiters favor CVs that are accompanied by a cover letter, which makes it a crucial element of your job-search approach.

Here are some reasons why cover letters are important:

To Impress The Recruiters

First impressions count massively. A concise and convincing cover letter could be your first and only chance to stand out and be deemed a strong candidate amongst the cut-throat competition involving equally qualified participants.

Emphasizing your role-specific key strengths right from the get-go will help sell you. And, by marketing your skills, you grab the recruiter’s attention that increases your likelihood of progressing through the selection process.

Cover letters also give you the opportunity to demonstrate your suitability for the role by mentioning how your proficiencies and skill-set have helped your former organization achieve its goals, and how they will translate into fruitful results once you are placed in the role.

In the cover letter, you can also mention accomplishments from previous job positions to help the recruiter envision that you have the workplace experience and knowledge to perform excellently if hired.

To Advertise Personality Traits

Unlike a CV, which is space-constrained, a cover letter enables you to exploratively detail your personality traits. You can use a cover letter to put your positive personal qualities such as self-motivation, leadership, team-coordinating mindset, and other similar attributes to display.

Moreover, writing a cover letter allows you to further impress upon the recruiters through delivering the ideas that help them visualize you are the most qualified candidate for the role.

You can elaborate on your past roles, achievements, challenges, and the reason/s for seeking new opportunities. These give the recruiters insights into your interests and targets that can positively influence your chances to progress to the next phase of the job selection process.

To Showcase Your Enthusiasm For The Position

The sole fact that you are writing a cover letter proves your passion for the role you are applying to.

A suitable, appealing, and compelling cover letter displays that you have taken the time to study the organization and understand the employers’ needs. This is indicative of your strong interest in the job, which reflects positively on your end.

Aside from that, writing a cover letter that features an in-depth awareness and appreciation of the role the employers are offering helps you seem prominent and make you outshine the competition. This gives the recruiters reason to believe that you will likely have a positive impact on the company.

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