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How to stay healthy at work

Most of the occupational diseases of office workers are associated with inactivity, continued use of the computer, and various stress factors. These factors can cause several diseases, and it isn’t easy to describe them all within the frame of one article. Therefore we will limit ourselves to the most “popular” conditions and methods of their prevention.


If you have been troubled by a runny nose in recent weeks, turning into a lingering cough, and other symptoms of acute respiratory infections are in don’t appear, it’s quite likely you have an allergy. No, not for work, however, the disease’s onset may be associated with it. More precisely, with office conditions. Carpets, soft surfaces of armchairs and sofas are dust collectors that can cause allergy symptoms.

Preventive measures are reduced to regular wet cleaning and letting the fresh air into the room. Another reason causing developing allergies in a practically healthy person is chronic stress and constant nervous overstrain. In this case, the elimination of situations that cause negative emotions will help.

Visual impairment

An office worker spends about 8 hours at the computer every day, and some – much more. Add to that the smartphones and tablets you use on the way to work and during your lunch break, and the amount of time spent in front of the monitor increases.

To prevent eyesight problems, oculists recommend taking five-minute breaks at the end of each working hour and doing eye exercises that take 2-3 minutes. And for lunch, forget about your smartphone – give your eyes peace of mind.

Excess weight

Stationary work does not dispose to actively burning extra pounds, and if it is also nervous, then endless snacks of cookies and chocolates can turn into a nightmare for the body.

Dealing with this is quite simple – do not ignore the physical activity and control your snacks. A full breakfast before work, and a well-spent lunch break will help you cope with hunger during a busy day. Move more: go down and up the stairs, not the elevator; walk to the metro instead of taking the bus.

Back pain

Poor posture and prolonged periods of being in the same position, especially unnatural ones (for example, when you are typing while holding your phone with your shoulder), can lead to back and neck pain. Violations of the cardiovascular system, headaches, dizziness, and even loss of consciousness – all of the above may be because you do not monitor your posture during work.

To avoid such problems, adjust the working chair’s height, and monitor the position correctly while working. It’s also a good idea to get a gym membership. Sorry little addition: Not just paying your direct debit for, but visiting it at least twice a week! When you sit for a long time in an uncomfortable position, you need to compensate for it with physical activity.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

At first, this disease only affected programmers, but today it can affect almost any office employee: designers, secretaries, copywriters, accountants – most jobs are at risk. Wrist pain, numbness, creeping sensations, and weakness in the hand are signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Its prevention is quite simple and comes down to exercises aimed at stretching the wrists. Also, pay attention to the mouse and keyboard you are using. If they are uncomfortable for you, take a closer look at a fairly large selection of ergonomic technical innovations. Yes, they will probably cost a little more than budget options, but you will save your health thanks to this purchase.

Chronic fatigue

Chronic fatigue syndrome is so common among office workers that, alas, a habit has developed not to notice it. Like the need to constantly switch from one unfinished task to another, monotonous work can undermine our mental reserves. And then comes that very morning, from which you do not want to go to work. Most often, chronic fatigue syndrome affects perfectionists and workaholics who cannot stop in time.

Missed lunch breaks, frequent delays, and overtime, delayed vacations – after that, our body needs very little to rebel. Chronic fatigue syndrome is extremely difficult to fight, so it is better not to provoke its occurrence. Go on vacation regularly, get good rest, make friends with time management, and avoid constant overwork.

Lowered immunity

It seems that you work in a comfortable office, but you are always sick and have even got used to the fact that not a single SARS outbreak passes you. Your body’s defenses are in a deplorable state, so you pick up from colleagues everything that they bring to the office.

At the same time, there is a high probability that one of the reasons is your dissatisfaction with the work itself. Perhaps when you get sick again, your body is trying to get a break from the daily trips to the office. Think carefully about what exactly might be stressing you.

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