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Finding a job during a pandemic in the UK

The catastrophic effect of the Covid19 pandemic has devastated the global economy, plunging many into recession and wreaking havoc in developing and developed countries. It’s indeed a demanding period for many countries as firms are compelled to part with staff and halt further recruitments to minimize expenses due to the ravaging Covid19 pandemic. The pandemic has caused ruination to firms and businesses across the United Kingdom, leaving tens of thousands of people jobless and yet created a period of prosperity for new sectors.

Jack Kennedy, an economist at one of the world’s best jobs website, said: “We have seen recent upticks in reopening sectors of the economy, but overall hiring trends remain far below pre-crisis levels. The types of available jobs have changed too. This represents the biggest shift in job opportunities since the post-financial crisis recovery began.”

UK unemployment rate has reached its highest level in more than three years in October, with superfluousness at its peak since 2009. Despite all odds, landing a job in this trying time isn’t impossible; all you need is know where to go to (Industry/Sectors Hiring Workers in the UK) and how to get there (Tips you need in seeking a new job).

Industry/Sectors Hiring Workers in the UK

IT and Digital technology

Digital skills are indispensable in every sector of any economy. Companies across industries have digitized their operations and processes. From software engineers to web developers, from content marketers to online security specialists, banking, and financing sectors.

By the REC data, the tech firm is one of the sectors having more buoyancy for new jobs presently, with the number of job postings for programmers and software designers soaring by more than 6%. The Cambridge-based chip designer Arm Holdings is among the tech companies still recruiting, having ascertained a former undertaking to have no less than 3,494 staff in the UK by 2021, of which 70% must be in the tech field.


Delivery and logistics businesses are amid the beneficiaries of the jobs shift. Online shopping became the way out for the majority since the lockdown began in March 2020, thereby giving rise to the number of people employed in the sector. 15,000 new full-time and part-time warehouse and delivery driver jobs were brought into existence throughout the United Kingdom by Amazon, an online top dog. The parcel delivery firm Hermes provides not less than ten thousand job opportunities as it strives to manage with the inclination to home shopping. Based on the REC reports, vehicle builders and those who can repair them are also in demand by employers.

Supermarkets/Grocery Retail

“With pubs and restaurants having been closed during the lockdown, we have all been eating at home an awful lot more. And increased demand for groceries has seen “a knock-on in jobs demand”, says Richard Lim, chief executive of analysts Retail Economics.

Supermarkets have hired no less than fifty thousand workers since the pandemic began, although, while most people have been on ephemeral duties, full-time jobs were created too.

The rapid demand for home delivery has influenced employment at the supermarkets, although the increment is not entirely down to the rise in doorstep deliveries.  While supermarkets are recruiting, there is increased demand for other food businesses, including those providing flavors or ingredients for customers to cook at home. GOUSTO is one of those companies. Based on statistics, it has presently sold more meals in 2020 than it did in 2019 and proclaimed it would be providing one thousand job opportunities.

Cleaning Agencies

Cleaning Agencies were in a state of a dilemma with the lockdown’s imposture, which starred up in March as they were hindered from visiting their clients. Many small firms like the one managed by Louise and Liam Parkinson were dumbfounded, but with ease in the restrictions, the previous month has been “a bit of a whirlwind,” says Liam.

“The phone’s not stopped ringing. The one thing we’ve seen is people ringing up wanting to book us because we’re a small family-run business and they want to support local businesses. We’ve had quite a few new customers and have had to employ someone.”

There is a never-ending demand for residential cleaners. Businesses are also recruiting again, with a recruitment website now showing above ten thousand cleaning roles available. According to the trade body, the British Cleaning Council, there has been a rise in demand for cleaners across every economic sector, but dominantly in the health sector as the community longs to see evident signs of cleaning.

Tips You Need in Seeking a New Job

One of the best ways to increase your opportunities is to design an alluring online profile that will attract agents and firms’ attention while you continually make job applications. LinkedIn profile optimization is your best shot at it.

Instead of being particulate about a job title, give preference to your skills. Our CV professionals at CV Universe can help identify these key skills.

With tons of individuals vying for the same roles, your network should be your first port of call, Corinne suggests.

Don’t go generic. Rework your CV to meet specific industry demand as recruiters are looking for the best hands for their project, not any jack of all trade.

Need more tips on CV writing, recruitment, and more, you can reach out to our expert anytime.

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